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Prime Speech Solutions

Speech and Language Therapy

We offer in-person Speech services for children to improve their communication skills and ultimately, their quality of life. We specialize in helping you bring out your true voice, so you can share your voice with the world. We offer individualized and small group therapy sessions.

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Evaluations and  

Treatment Sessions


Evaluations measure a child's communication skills and identifies their strengths and weaknesses. A comprehensive evaluation is provided to determine if a child has weaknesses to be targeted during intervention. 


Speech Language Therapy is provided to help a child improve their communication skills. Goals are developed to help your child achieve success through a series of activities.

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Parents Recommend

“My child's speech improved tremendously after starting services. I am so grateful for all they have done.”


“It means so much to me that my child is saying 'mama' and trying to communicate with me now. I am so appreciative for the services I have received from Prime Speech Solutions.”


“I really like how the speech therapy services are individualized to my child's needs. "




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Tel: 908-899-3399

Address:100 Morris Ave Suite 103A

               Springfield, NJ 07081


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