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Our Staff and Philosophy

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Ebony Turner-Bailey


Ebony Turner-Bailey is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist, the Founder and Executive Director of Prime Speech Solutions. She obtained her Masters of Science in Speech Language Pathology from Teachers College, Columbia University. 

Ebony received her Master's of Science from Teachers College, Columbia University. She holds certifications in Teaching Students with Speech and Language Disabilities, and LSVT LOUD for individuals with Parkinson's disease and other neurologically based communication difficulties. 

Ebony is committed to providing evidenced based care for children and adults with speech and language disorders. She has extensive experience working with children with speech and language disorders as a result of developmental delay, autism, TBI, and other medically complex conditions. She also has specialized training in Social Group Therapy for Autistic populations to assist client's in better understanding the social world. Ebony's clinical practice is rooted in evidenced based practice and person centered therapy to ensure the highest quality care for each client.

Ebony has had the honor to provide services abroad to Ghana and Haiti to provide services to children with speech and language disorders. Teaching families how to communicate with their children in order to improve their relationships and quality of life.

Awards and Certifications

Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC)

ACE Continuing Education Award 2019


American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)

Corporate Speech Pathology Network (CORSPAN)


Our mission at Prime Speech Solutions is to restore hope and boost one's confidence while providing optimal speech and language services in order to create a better quality of life for our clients. We believe that a person's ability to communicate effectively and engage in the world around them is critical for leading a productive and fulfilling life. 

Our staff of speech language pathologists are committed to helping our clients improve their communicative abilities. We promote evidenced-based practices matched with an individualized therapeutic approach to our therapeutic methods. 

Our trained clinicians offer services for children with a wide range of communication impairments including articulation delays, phonological disorders, phonemic awareness, receptive and expressive language impairments, and social skills therapy. 

Professional Coaching services are also offered for adults seeking to improve on their communication skills in the professional setting. Services include professional communication skills, accent modification, and presentation skills. Session frequency is based on an individual need and frequency. 

At Prime Speech Solutions we believe that the ability to communicate is the key to a productive and fulfilling life. It is our aim to discover each person's abilities to communicate so as to improve their relationships and their opportunities. Offering our clients this in the comfort their your own home really allows you to work on your skills at your convenience.

Kids in Preschool

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